Our company started in 1993 under the management of its founder, Mr. Muhia Edden  Almanfoush, by producing the yogurt , condensed yoghurt ( labaneh ) and white  cheese in craftsmanship way using simple traditional methods from fresh cow’s milk found on his farm and with a staff of no more than 10 people. The distribution was limited to the neighboring stores and limited areas in the capital.

Because Mr. Muhia Edden Almanfoush was one of the ambitious people who initiated their thinking and implementation, he was keen to produce a national local product comparable to international products and to be one of the most important companies in the dairy and cheese industry, which the company succeeded in achieving by focusing on the quality and special taste.

In 2004, the company moved from the craft stage to the modern stage with advanced technologies, a new structure was built for the company and foreign production lines and new items were imported under the logo “ALMANFOUSH”.  Processed, cream cheese, kashkaval and mozzarella were produced and was the first step of its success and expansion to the Arab markets. The company started to export its national product proudly to its neighboring countries and achieved great fame after gaining the confidence of the consumer and meet with his needs and desires.

In the year 2008 under the logo “ALMARAI ALDEMSHKIEH” the company developed its products and kept abreast of all developments and research using the latest international machinery in the field of dairy and cheese industry where the products are subject during all stages of production to rigorous checks and tests to ensure the safety and quality of the product.

The interest of our consumers in our products and their permanent satisfaction gives us strength and motivation to keep going forward. The company is still in constant development in its systems and products with the latest technologies and methods used in production and packaging.

Now we have become one of the first companies in the Arab world with distinguished staff and experts specialized in the manufacture of dairy products. More than 500 people are committed to operating in an efficient, sustainable and responsible manner and we hold ourselves to the highest international standards.

“We are committed to excellence in everything we do,” Muhia Edden Almanfoush

“In our company, food safety and quality are our top priorities and we are committed to offering our customers and consumers products made with high industry standards for safety, nutritional value and quality.” Quality Title


  • We seek to achieve distinguished leadership in dairy and cheese products industry. And we hope our company be among the first companies in the world in the food industry.
  • We strategically expand our customers and markets base: through expanding the distribution of our high quality products to all Arabic and international countries.
  • We believe that customer satisfaction is our goal, therefore we care of our product in all stages so that we put it in the hands of the customer with full quality, distinctive taste and modern packaging.
  • Trust is essential to our success – we reflect this trust in our relationships with our customers and stakeholders.
  • We are determined to strive for excellence.


All of our missions share the same goal:

  • Offering innovative and top-quality products that exceed customers’ expectations through a dedicated high skilled team.
  • Earn the satisfaction and loyalty workers and customers.
  • Contributing to the strengthening of the national economy through production and investment of manpower.

“Satisfying taste for everyone”

These words reflect our mission that our products tailored to consumers’ needs in taste, quality and price. So we take care of consumers to make them pleasant and make them trust the food they eat.


  • Integration in performance and work with one team spirit.
  • Continuously renewing and upgrading our products and services.
  • We believe in honesty, transparency and good faith.
  • We believe in being committed to be the best and leaving a lasting impression.
  • We build meaningful relationships based on collaboration, commitment and trust.
  • We hold ourselves to values and principles at work and production.